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Each character is made of wood and has a name and personality making them come alive.​ Gus the Gear Head toys teach children about the functionality of gears while telling the story of Gus's Adventures.  The products are educational, and they develop core skills within the users.  They are fun to play with.  Each toy comes in a wood box unassembled and unfinished.  Turning the main gear moves other gears and makes the toy activity move.
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Gus Gear Head

Grandma & Grandpa Gear Head

Mom & Dad Gear Head


Gertie Gear Head

Gabi Gear Head

Gretchen & Gilbert  Gear Head

Groucho Gear Head

George Gear Head

Betsy Gear Head

Betty Bolt


Rodney Rod

Stanley Spring

Wally Wheel

Hector Helical Gear Head

Pete the Pirate & Polly

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