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Gus the Gear Head, Inc. is offering educational toys and games under the theme “The Adventures of Gus the Gear Head.”

The first group of products features Gus the Gear Head characters. Each character is made of wood and has a name and personality making them come alive.


Gus the Gear Head Inc. creates wood toys, books, and games for children to learn about gears and other mechanical components that drive our world.  We have put together prototypes and an animated screen play.


Our goal is to educate children without them ever knowing they are learning.


What makes Gus Gear Head character toys different is each gear has a name, a personality, and character. Each has a toy and story all their own. Using characters with personalities bonds young children to the concepts of engineering, science, technology, mathematics, and art.


They are educational and they develop core skills. They are fun to play with. Some toys may require the skill and help of an adult for smaller children. The gear toys consist of different types of gears. Gus’s family is all Spur gears. Other characters include Helical gears, Bevel gears, Rack and Pinion Gears, and Planetary gears.

Each wood character toy comes in a 12 x 12 x 2 inch wood box with assembly instructions. They are ready for assembly and painting.


Gus’s friends include a rod, a wheel, a spring, and a bolt. Gus and his family and friends work together to make things move.

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